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Friday, April 18, 2008


Sometimes it seems like nobody's there
And sometimes it feels that they just don't care
But, sometimes it's alright to fight them to say
Sometimes it takes someone to show them the way

But, begging you please, sweetly I ask
Comparing our notes is a simple task
Completing the reasons you need no more grief
But, all is forgotten if you simply believe

Sometimes it takes one simple step
And sometimes we need a little "pep"
But sometimes our feelings heal in due time
As long as it's only sometimes

*April 1996*

Left Me Nothing

You told me you'd always be there
When I'd be in need
Now it seems you just don't care
And you've left me to bleed

Caring not in my time of sorrow
Were you really my friend
Hoping we could talk, you'd say tomorrow
Now I think this is the end

My feelings just don't count anymore
Except when you want something
You've shut me out and slammed the door
Without respect or gratitude you've left me nothing

*April 1996*

Why's This So?

Crying in all sorrow
Thinking there's no tomorrow
Feeling empty and hollow
Wondering which road to follow
Crouching close to the ground, so low
Rocking myself to and fro
Can't stay, but also can't go
Leaning towards the brightest glow
Not able to reach it, Why's that so?

*April 1996*