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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Golden Angel

Stunned, by a beauty that seems surreal
I watched astonished at one so mystical
Focused, engraving every detail in depth
I'm engulfed in another moments bliss
Glancing, through caring eyes of Magic
I'm compelled, drawn to this magnetism

Entranced, by the smile, a keeper of secrets
I hold the images that flood my mind
Captivated, breathlessly drawn to his embrace
I'm completely lost within a sea of passion
Fixated, the pulses quicken to new-found discovery
I'm exhilarated by unleashed sensations

Awakened, by the sparkle of his eyes
I breathe contently in amazement
Blurred, within a dawning of completion
I'm comforted to the sounds of his heart
Seeing, vision tingles dormant words away
I'm held safely within the arms of my Golden Angel

May 16 2003


shakespeare37 said...

Your poems are really beautiful, I am looking forward to see your recent poems.

cmousseau said...

Thank you.