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Saturday, December 29, 2007

Toute seule

Toute seule dans son coin
Elle se tient toujours très loin
Toujours de la peine dans son coeur
Elle verrera rarement le bonheur
Personne ne l'apperçoie
Elle n'a plus de joie
Assise très silencieusement
Sans montrer ses sentiments
Jamais peut-elle sourire
Car elle peut pas lui dire
Elle vie dans la tristesse
Et a besoin de sa tendresse
Ses peurs sont toujours là
Elle ne les montre pas
Autrement pleine de vie
Aujourd'hui tant de soucie
Ses yeux remplissent de larmes
Elle ne veut plus garder son calme
Tout ce qu'elle voulait
Elle sait, n'arrivera jamais
Malcomprise elle s'enferme
Elle ressent beaucoup de peine
Si frustrée elle garde le silence
Personne veut lui doner une seule chance


Coming back from Kitimat
September 2005

Les idées s'écroulent

Les idées s'écroulent de toutes pensés qui s'opposent, sans rien ne dire
-il y a conflit.
Le conflit existe et est continuel sans avoir la tendresse que l'on recherche.
Les mots blessent lorsque l'on ne respecte pas l'autrui
ou qu'on interprète mal des gestes d'amitiés.
Mes pensés seront dites un jour sans falloir être intimidé des idées
qu'une personne puisse nous rejeter.
On s'enferme et nous nou sobligeons d'être prisonniers de nos pensés,
en solitude, en désespoir; mais, un jour tout sera sorti et nous regarderons
à l'aube de l'horizon.



Misunderstood she is but, why
She asks with a little sigh
Sitting without a clue
Of what she would do
Nobody knows the ways
She spends her days
Walking away from everything
Wondering what days'll bring
Lonely she is out there
No-one seems to care
What was wrong in her mind
Will never be left behind
No esteem whatsoever
She always says never
All her life never free
Wondering how it would be
Tears seem to fill her eyes
But, she no longer cries
Remembering sad stories
That are her memories
Misunderstood she is but, why
She asks with a little sigh

Thursday, December 27, 2007


Teardrops falling
down my cheeks
For I am
very sad

We used to be
And then we drew

Why cause me
all this pain
Why should you
even care

You didn't even
Tears running down
my cheeks


Sunday, December 23, 2007

One Chance

I'll walk for hours
In a trance
Thinking only of romance
No matter what you say
Or you do
I'll always care deeply for you
What I say and do
Will express
My feelings towards you
My heart screams
Out your name
And it's driving me insane
Please give me
Just one chance
At this thing called romance
I know I'm usually shy
'Cause rejections will
Make me break down and cry


Memories Of You

You can see
Through your heart
You can hear
With your soul

You can be with me
Even when I'm not there
Wherever you'll go
My spirit will follow

You can see
Through your heart
You can hear
With your soul

I'll be there
When you need me
But, you must always
Care for me

You can see
Through your heart
You can hear
With your soul

I can feel
Your pain and sorrow
Your heart bleeds
And it must heal

You can see
Through your heart
You can hear
With your soul

Seeing you through
Tough times
Making you
Feel better

You can see
Through your heart
You can hear
With your soul

Nobody makes me feel
The way you do
I can't stay away
From your touch

You can see
Through your heart
You can hear
With your soul

You make me smile
All the time
When you're not around
My smile is gone

You can see
Through your heart
You can hear
With your soul

You make me laugh
When I am sad
For you make me
Feel good inside

You can see
Through your heart
You can hear
With your soul



Nobody feels
the earths pain
Nobody hears the cries
of people suffering
Nobody sees
all this madness
Nobody knows
the fears
Nobody wants
to get involved
Nobody Knows the pain
people are causing
Nobody cares
Nobody wants to end
this sadness
Nobody cries
to break the silence
Nobody sees
only with their heart
Nobody needs more
than they've got


Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reminds Me Of...

Your eyes remind me
Of the bluest sky
Day or night they twinkle
Like the stars
I know you can see
Right through me
You see my tears
Though none are shed

Your luscious lips remind me
Of the reddest, softest rose petal
Day or night they smile
Bringing warmth to my heart
I know you smile
Without hesitations
You read my ideas
Though none are thought

Your voice reminds me
Of sincerity once known
Day or night I hear whispers
But, you're not near
I know you speak
The simple truth
I hear your voice
Though you don't talk

Your loving heart reminds me
Of kindness you've brought
Day or night I feel it
Beating faster
I know that it's pure
And evil will never roam
You feel my pain and sorrow
When you're not even there

When you hold me in your arms
Closely and tightly I feel safe
I don't want you to let me go
As you rock me to and fro
Please don't ever
Leave my side


Tagged Poetic MeMe

I have been tagged by FishHawk for reasons of rarity in depth of soul for which I am grateful and honored to be a part of this MeMe.

Instructions: you have to link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules just before your list: then list eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your post: you must tag and link to eight other people.

I am breaking away from the normal fun facts of FishHawk's original list and am employing a poetic sense to it in order to suit my blog. Any and all facts are acceptable to suit your blogging style. Here goes...

Keeper of two small energetic soul's
my life, my journey is all a mystery
Blue eyes gaze out into this world
of magnificence and mastery

Searching knowledge to enlighten
teach and learn
Grateful for this path of life
of enriched turns

Laughter joy tears and fun
all are parts of being
Mother, sister, daughter lover
friends to all without seeing

Love abound residing in my heart
for all who are dear to me
Secret indulgences of metaphysics
spiritual essences for all to be

I hope that this twist doesn't scare off my unsuspecting somebodies. I will choose with care and consideration my choices to pass this MeMe tag along. The tags will be posted to your Blogcatalog profile. Have fun with this one!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Soaring Spirit

Alone he was without love
Now he's free as a dove
Old yet, very kind
A child ruled his mind
The silence went away
As night came to day
Nobody knew he was there
Except children who really care
Long forgotten he is no more
As the spirits always soar
Kind and sweet was this man
Knowing that he really can
Selfish he was not
Presents he always bought
Tears seem to fill his eyes
Knowing that he never cries
Misunderstood he would be
For his soul wasn't free
Pleasing not himself but, others
Leaves him with little bothers
Painted smile on his face
For he knows he'll lose this race
Joy and warmth filled his heart
Yet, he knew he had to part
Alone he is no more
For his spirit will always soar


Monday, December 17, 2007

A Thousand Things

My heart beats
A thousand words
Yet, you don't suspect

My eyes cry
A thousand tears
Yet, they are dry

My lips say
A thousand things
Yet, don't make sense

My ears hear
A thousand pleas
Yet, I am deaf

My soul feels
When I am in love


friendship blurb

Friends are faced with many problems but, only true friends help each other through them.


Saturday, December 15, 2007

Setting skies.
Smithers BC
Winter 2007

Next to You

Freedom is life's best thing
Next to Advice you bring
Crying in all despair
Yet, you're always there

Thoughts cross my mind
Faces that I hid behind
Facing things with all fear
Trembling not for you are near


One's Self

True beauty is found in one's self
Not in a store to be bought on a shelf
Representing your finest quality
Shows our own equality
Laughing pleasures for the best
Can be given from all the rest


Dancing Spirit

The dancing spirit on the lake
Will guide every move you make

And, if it can...

It will keep you from all heartache
Removing all bad feelings it shall take



If I knew then
I know now...
Things would've
Been different

If then I knew
Now I know...
Things would've
Been alike


No-One Sees

No-one see but,
Everyday I see you
Far away from me
I don't know where to go
I don't know what to think

No-one see but,
Every time you walk by
You'd always smile
I'd like to cry
Yet, I won't for a while

No-one see but,
Everyone sees my face
No expression on it now
What disgrace
Don't know how

No-one see but,
What they choose
To see
So... Again,
No-one sees


Tuesday, December 11, 2007


The longer I wait, it'll be harder to ask
But, I know I must to find out for myself
The more that I think, the less that I want to
But, I must... Just to be certain


No Matter What

No matter what
I say or I do do
I'll always care
Deeply for you
I had a feeling that I kept
Locked up inside of me
I should have said something
But, I was too afraid
Then it was too late

I'd look at you for hours
Thinking we'd be together forever
I was naive for thinking
That I had this chance
No matter what I'd do
You wouldn't notice
When I saw you with another
I wanted to cry
But, I couldn't

Deep down inside I knew
You wouldn't feel the same as I
You'll stay in my mind
For a long long time

No matter what
I say or I do
I'll always care
Deeply for you
No matter what



For endless nights
I've thought
Was it right
To ask
No-one understood why
It was a need...
For people to die
'Cause of man's greed



I think of you
every minute
I dream of you
every night
I've wanted you
upon first meeting
I can't have you
you're so far away
I wish you'd
stay by my side
I'm crazy for you
and know not why
I see you but,
you're not here
I'll go insane
over the suspense
I only have you
on my mind
I'll be with you
I'll have you


Wasn't Meant

If I only knew
that our love was true
We'd still be together
but, I guess we'll never know
I wish it hadn't ended
because I still love
But, it wasn't meant to be
Goodbye for now


One Look

Standing alone
By a tree... I saw you
My thoughts were wild
Just like my heart... Untamed and free
Wishing to be
By your side... For eternity
Just one look my spirit free
Looking for someone... Just for me
All I know is this
Feeling inside... That I can no longer hide


Monday, December 10, 2007

Twin Falls
Smithers BC
July 2005

In Mind

When I look in your eyes
I see your soul
When I hear you
I feel your heartbeat
When you hold me
I want more
When you're away
You're in my mind
When I saw you
For the first time
It felt right



I trusted you
I cared for you
I helped you
I protected you
What do I get in return???
Now I cry
For endless nights
I'll spend my time
As long as I don't
Have who I used to be


I saw the pain
in your eyes
That look
it couldn't lie

I saw the tears
ready to fall
When you passed me
in the hall

I saw your smile
slowly fade away
Was it because
I could not stay

I saw life
in the simplest way
Seeking joy
day after day

I saw things
no-one else could
But, it didn't mean
that I should


If I Knew

If I knew then
What I know now
I wouldn't have
Said those things
They were harsh
And so cruel
I'm so sorry
But I cannot
Reverse the time
And take back
What I said
I regret deeply
The pain I've caused
But know I feel
For you more
If only I had known
Our love was true
It would've been different


Sunday, December 9, 2007

Dans la nuit

La nuit
Mon coeur
battant fort
jusqu'à l'horizon
Où ciel et terre
pour l'éternité
La mort
ne sera plus
autant que je soi
Avec toi
dans te sbras
pour toujours
Notre amour
nos esprits
Dans nos pensés
des images
qui vont jamais
dans le silence
de la nuit



Dévouement de visites et d'échanges,
Tout nouveau leur semble étrange.
Les secrets ils n'en veluent plus,
Toutes confusions ils sont déçus
Tomber d'épuisement sur un banc,
De tous les troubles d'en dedans.
Sans sommeils sont ses nuits,
Restant en espoir dans son lit.
Ces yeux il les a déjà vu,
Dans un rêve qu'il a tant cru.
Apperçu au bord de la rive,
Toutes idées qui leurs déprivent.
Tant de misère et d'influence,
Leur a produit une telle enfance.
Courant des risques à tous les jours,
De tels dangers qu'ils en courent.
La solitude leur pèse parfois,
Pour une foie ils le voient.
Tous soupçons qu'ils ont fait,
Leur semblaient tellement vrais.
Finalement ils ont leur chance,
Vivre leurs vies en confidence.
Ils sont en toute sécurité,
Ensemblent ils ont leur amitié.


Saturday, December 8, 2007

Portant attention

Les amours qui se passent dans la nuit
Ne semblent vraies que lorsque l'on dit
Les paroles ditent sans qu'on le sache
Sont apperçues des personnes qui se cachent
Suivies à travers de tous les temps
A travers des ensembles de gens
Les vagues au travers de la plage
Les font se rappeler de leurs images
Passant sur la rive
De toutes choses qui les déprivent
Portant attention
De leur réactions
Yeux sur tous les mouvements
Sans savoir leurs sentiments



Les images que je voie
Sont toujours envers toi
Je ne comprends pas pourquoi
Que je ne parle pas autour de toi
Tes sourires si chaleureux
Me rendent très joyeux
Ta peau si douce
Et délicate au toucher
Je voie dans tes yeux
De la peine et de la joie
Mon coeur battra toujours pour toi
Jusqu'à ce que tu saches que c'est moi
L'amour sera toujours là
Pour toi lorsque tu le décideras

"Demoiselle" against the night sky!
Grindstone MB
Summer 2007

I Saw

I saw the sky
Clear and blue
I saw the sun
Shinning down
I saw a bird
Flying up high
I saw a waterfall
Down a mountain
I saw a river
Running through the woods
I saw the sea
Crashing on the rocks
I saw a teardrop
Fall on a petal
I saw a forest
Burn to the ground
I saw stars gleaming
In the shadows of night
I saw sunsets
Across the open sky
I saw the wind
Blowing through the trees
I saw pain
In his eyes
I saw you standing
Alone in the shadows
I saw a chance
Did not take it
I saw you there
With another
I saw my heart
Break in two
I saw tears
Running down
I saw nothing else
But you


Black... Darkness....

Black is blacker
Than the darkness of the night

Darkness roams
The earth's core
Eating away
Joy and happiness
Sadness lasts
Forever more

Black is blacker
Than the darkness of the night

As long that
We're together
Darkness can't
Harm our living souls

Black is blacker
Than the darkness of the night

Our love will
Never fade
We'll be together
'Till the last day

Black is blacker
Than the darkness of the night

Light will shine
Through our hearts
Forever more
'Till we part

Black is blacker
Than the darkness of the night

We found happiness
Darkness is no longer
Light will shine upon us
Through the night



Darkness fills
The clear blue sky
Clouds covering
The bright sun
Winds whistling
Through the branches
A chilly feeling
Ran up my back
Smiles hidden
Behind our fears
Raindrops falling
On the ground
Puddles forming
In the grass
Thunder rings
Through the stillness
Lightning strikes
Lighting up the sky
Darkness throughout
Peaceful thoughts


Look to Find

I look to find
The kindness in you
No-one's the same
Except for the hurt

I look to find
The kindness in you
Even if we are different
We are the same

I look to find
The kindness in you
We had our laughs
And shared our pains

I look to find
The kindness in you
You'll never be who
I'd expect you to be


First Met

By the flaming fire
We sat closely together
Silent and still
You held me tight
Rubbing my back
You looked up
And saw a shooting star
Your skin so soft
To the touch
As I caressed you
With delight
Your clear blue eyes
Locked with mine
Seeing the love
That was inside
Whispering in my ear
You came forward
And embraced me
Before we saw
The sunrise
I'll never forget
That special night
At the place where
We first met


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Under a Willow Tree

Sitting under a willow tree
Looking out at the sea
Wondering where it leads
As my heart stops and bleeds

Hearing the waves crashing
On the rocks below
Up on the beach smashing
As they go to and fro

Seeing the sun setting there
Off the sea a terrible glare
Yet, I notice not that one glance
When we first met this simple chance

Looking carefully at this smile
It surely has been a while
Seeing the twinkle in these eyes
Makes me want to stop and cry

You see the dove
Soaring wild and free
And it's only love
That's pursuing me

Sitting under a willow tree
Looking out at the sea
Wondering where he might be
Unless, knowing it's really me

Sunset on the Manitoba prairies.
Taken in 2005 shortly after my son was born.

Who You Are

There is not a day
That will go by
Without thinking
Of you by my side
If I keep my promise
And be faithful to you
Will you protect and hold me
When I need you
I can't hide my
True feelings or my thoughts
'Cause your heart and you
Know me very well
When I close my eyes
I see you holding me tight
And I see no other
'Cause I love you still
When I stand alone
I don't feel safe
For your touch secures me
So does your heartbeat
I love your clear blue eyes
I see the goodness that you Hide
I love to hear your deep voice
It comforts me when I'm sad
I don't just love
Your perfect form
I also love your
Way with words
Most of all...
I love you
For who you are!


No Word For Goodbye

He was different in many ways,
Though there was already a basis for
A deep mutual friendhsip,
He knew we'd need
Patience and understanding

The sky was cloudless and
The gentlest of breezes danced
Lightly in the bright sunlight
It was a perfect morning

He felt frustration
But it didn't show his feelings
He originally interpreted it
As hostility
There was a long
Moment's silence

The path was wide and silvery
Across the still lake.
The moon,
It's light so bright,
The reflections from the shore,
An unexpected chill edge on
The night sky

I was wrong,
To rouse his hopes
It had probably all been
Pretty useless.
From here on it was
Somebody else's problem

The forest
Stood still
The wind died
In early evening.
The clouds seemed to
Touch the setting sun

We dragged ourselves
To a rock
We sat silently in the shade
Glancing occasionally
I did not mirror
His smile

My eyes filled
With tears for,
There is no word for


Sunday, December 2, 2007

Un silence

Un silence dans mon corps
Un silence pour ne pas resentir
Un silence je me protège
Un silence je met un sourire
Un silence personne ne saura
Un silence dans mon corps



Je suis invisible
Dedans cette vie
Invisible comme la nuit

Le monde se moque de moi

Je suis invisible
Et je pleure
Quand je m'endors

Je n'ai pas de vraies amis

Je suis invisible
Dedans cette vie
Invisible comme la nuit


Touchez pas

Touchez pas, je crie
Touchez pas je t'ai dit
Touchez pas
Touchez pas
Ne touchez moi pas!

Touchez pas, je pleure
Touchez pas mon bonheure
Touchez pas
Touchez pas
Ne touchez moi pas!


Ma poupée

Ma poupée est belle
Elle sourie tout le temps
Je dit toutes mes secrets
Même celles qu je ne suis pas supposé
Elle m'écoute et m'aime
Ma poupée est belle



Tine c'est mon nom
Mon frère et ma soeur m'apelle cela
Je suis la plus jeune
J'aime la couleur rose
Et mon doudous rose
J'aime mes parents beaucoup