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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Journey Sought

Sensuous impressions made of days yet to be explored
Exuding strength, will and desire for the soul to soar
Anticipated moments careen through the mind
Nestled, comforts of truth immeasurably kind

Honorable, motives that abound
Amiable, hearing a heart's true sound
Merciful, the angst dissipates and clears the skies
Intimate gaze, a fate, profound within the eyes

Loving memories leave not this place
Tears of joy, a smile becomes this face
Onward, the journey sought within is foretold
Numerous wonders, secrets shared unfold

October 23, 2002

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Whispers Across the Breeze

Whispers of sweet serenity glide across the breeze,
Just a swift touch moves me with ease.
Shy misdemeanor captivates the eye,
Entranced magnetism closely standing by.
Coy smile sweeps breathless words away,
Anticipated moments await a new-found day.
Picturesque memories be-still a worried thought,
Open ones heart to possibilities not forgot.
Held strengths require capabilities foretold,
Rested greatness for one so bold.
Softness caresses straight to the soul,
Enlightened perspective meant to feel whole.
Warm gaze from a distant truth unknown,
Complete pieces otherwise stood alone.
Festive laughter overjoyed with care,
Meaningful signs a tempting dare.
Whispers of sweet serenity glide across the breeze,
A swift touch moves me with great ease.

October 2002

25 yrs Toast & prayer

This is a marriage toast that I created so that my mother could read for my aunts twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I also included a prayer before the dinner as my grandmother is highly religious. A bit rough around the edges but written none-the-less.

Wedding Toast

Twenty-five years ago today, two hearts became one in a blessed union. Moments passed that memories will hold true as their love and souls are united in strength and grace. We celebrate this occasion in light that there will be many more treasured days to come. Perhaps the best gift in life is that of two people committed to each others company. Raise your glasses high as we honor twenty-five years in the making!

October 2002


We thank the Lord for this blessed day
As we celebrate this graceful twenty-fifth anniversary
Bless the food and drink and all who are gathered here today.
In God's name Amen

October 2002

Monday, March 21, 2011

Rise above like the sun!

Today the sun is brighter and seems to shine on your every being! Embrace the dawn as a new day has begun to wipe away your past. The breaking day has yet to set imprints within the soul to be connected throughout eternities gracious being of the wondrous sight that is the true beauty of the omnificent plan that is created before us! Rise above like the sun and truly let yourself shine so that others can appreciate your true beauty!

September 27, 2002

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Contentment's Device

Surprises stir amidst the darkest room
Budded core ignites this precious bloom
Surrendered passion evolves the night
Simplistic pleasures brought true delight

Gifted glory, a glimpse of paradise
Mission to succumb contentment's device

Mysterious presence appeases the mind
Unspoken truths searches to find
Bewildered expression with recognized release
Accepting events gracious with peace

June 2001
Pour une éternitée l'union de paradis inconnues
Sublime et soumise une tragédie sous entendue
Mariage d'esprit une voix, une vie détruite
Sans conscience battue et un controle prend suite

mai 2001

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Untold Dreams Unleashed

Searches blinded by old perceptions
Truths contentment accepting attentions
Glancing up a rescued smile ahead
Wrapped stability strengths gained instead
Laughter's silence grows no more
Anticipated respect buds this core
Key concepts ruling intercepted waves
Dreams untold unleashed this craze
Skilled manoeuvres blessed with grace
Mimicked response making the pace
Attracted forces regrouping all thought
Cherished memories cannot be bought
Chorus of sincerity established in mind
Purity's fate trustingly kind
Honesty truly begets a hardened soul
Craving comforts bliss beyond control
Tested virtues sparks the start
Fiery desires compelling this heart

April 2001

Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Guided

Self-assurance surpasses them all
Without judgment you make the call
Importance in connected self-worth
True contentment impressions unearthed
Strength of will compelling the soul
Blind indecision losing all control
Purity of untouched bliss
Respect steals not this kiss
Paradise a glimpse in the eye
Boundless energy succeeds the sky
Infinite warmth caresses the heart
Enigmatic bond forges the start
Confused intuitions due to the past
Prides chance willed at last
Smiles growing upon this face
Untainted visions full of grace
Brave attempts unblocking the mind
Reassured presence symbolically kind
Gentle serenity searches fulfilled
Unforgotten impressions be-stilled
Look within this inner beauty
Truths perceptions found infinity

February 12 2001

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Monday, March 7, 2011

Learning to Live Again

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Opening up your heart
Wishing he could stay
Unknowing thoughts evade
With tears of grief colliding

Unspoken desires of fate
Breaking all the rules
Fighting to keep sane
The virtues brought afoot

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Disasters slowly erupt
Depression cannot win
Search of self begins
Fleeing from my thoughts

Distances with time enlight
Gaining a little strength
Fires of rage ignite
Hope clings with fear

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Wanting things to hide
Comes from deep within
Smiling to please my friends
Eases not my peace of mind

Missing him with all my soul
A piece of hope remains
Painful undercurrents stirs
A glimpse of eluded happiness

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Shred of dignity still remain
A broken heart might heal
Keeping faith within a friendship
Knowing I love him still

Precious moments kept at bay
Cherished memories I'll always keep
May every day give me strength
Hopeful, I must survive

Learning to live again
Never seemed so hard
Learning to live again
Without the one I love

Learning to live again
Wouldn't seem so hard
Learning to live again
With myself for me to love

December 26 2000

When I Close My Eyes

When I close my eyes
and lay down to rest
I see your face
with a deep pain in my chest
I lay awake
and wonder why
So many questions
tormenting my thoughts

When I close my eyes
and remember precious moments
I can't understand
the underlying undercurrents
I am wounded
on a deeper sense
Without confidence
I enter despair

When I close my eyes
and shed my tears
I hold some hope
with very many fears
I am surrounded
and worrisome of what's to come
Holding on to something
I know is worth fighting for

December 2000

Blink of an Eye

To look through inspired eyes
And to gaze upon luscious lips
Truths contentment tells no lies
With soothing touch of fingertips

Caresses sweep across this faze
Softly swooning within a distance
Completely thrown into a daze
Senses awakened in an instance

Entangled spirits intertwined
Slowly searching for something true
Exquisite notions can be sublime
Trails lead to experiences new

Smiles stretch across this face
Doubtful mind put at great ease
Hearts true contentment in this place
One thought left, aim to please

Gentle soul, soothed with softest touch
Depths of respect can no longer deny
Strengthened desires persuades as such
Perfection is found within a blink of an eye


Saturday, March 5, 2011

Your Whole Your Only

I am your whole
I am your only

And when I look into your eyes
I see your hopes, your dreams,
your wishes that make me
think of you

I am your whole
I am your only

You are the sun, the stars, the sky
that light up my life
You hold my heart within a gaze
My life's completion is you

Your loving arms wrapped around me
I am your whole
I am your only

June 2000

Awkwardly Stumbling

Struggling to fight
the feelings that dwell inside
Keep me awake at night
with emotions trying to hide
My fears of loneliness
might drive you far away
Shaking with nervousness
never knowing what to say
Courage stumbles awkwardly
shying the bold and strong
Soul pouring out to you
stories of the past
Desires of something true
hoping they will last
You bring out
the best in me
Without any doubt
things we can't always see
My heart pounds
to keep a steady beat
Yours with all sounds
you've on with no defeat

June 2000

Oh My Wondrous Sunflower

Oh my wondrous sunflower
How much you have grown
Your spirit is greater now
With a brightness that is shown

From a teeny tiny seed
You've blossomed with grace
Capturing every moment
Keeping a steady pace

Depicting one's emotions
You've taken center stage
A contagious grin forms
Within this curious age

Electrifying colors
You need not stand alone
Entrancing all admirers
With an enticing tone

Oh what enchanted light
My wondrous sunflower brings
To the chosen few
This beauty surely sings

December 1999