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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Thank you Mom

I know we have our disagreements
and don't always see eye to eye
But the thing I truly know is
that we are both alike

I never always understood the reasoning
behind your selfless acts
But know that I appreciate each moment
we share more every single day

I couldn't really see the wisdom
behind your spoken words
But now more then ever
I can respect and cherish your advice

I know I don't always tell you
I love you or I care
But I can only hope you do
feel it most within your heart

I love you Mom because you always loved me
and you were always there
Thank you for this blessing you gave me
for my journey within this world

April 2008

Saturday, September 17, 2011

La belle roche magique bleue à Calèbe

"Maman! Maman!" s'écria Calèbe au milieu de la nuit.

Maman s'éveilla, alla dans la chambre et caressa Calèbe dans ses bras, "Qu'y as-t-il mon amour"

"J'ai rêvé que j'avais une roche magique!!!" entonna Calèbe tout excité.

"Une roche magique?" demanda maman.

"Oui! une belle roche magique bleue." expliqua Calèbe.

Que peut faire cette belle roche magique bleue?" demanda maman.

"Elle écoute mes secrets et les garde prêt d'elle. Elle a l'habiletée de me donner de la bonne énergie! Aussi, elle se récharge au soleil pour pouvoir m'aider le soir et m'emporter au pays des rêves."

"Ah oui!" exprima maman. "Ca me semble une merveilleuse roche!" Maman lui donna des bises et de grosses caresses. Calèbe se rendorma très vite pour pouvoir rêver de sa belle roche magique bleue.

Cette nuit là, maman s'est mise à chercher partout.

Dans le sous-sol.

Dans la cuisine.

Dans le garage.

"Mais ou dont est-ce que j'ai vu une telle roche?" se demanda-t-elle.

"Finalement!" Au plus profond de sa garde-robe, maman ouvra sa boite spéciale et trouva sa belle roche magique bleue d'enfance que sa mère lui avait donnée à l'âge de Calèbe. Elle souria et le lendemain...

Calèbe s'éveilla excité en criant de joie; "Maman! Maman! Ce n'était pas un rêve du tout! Regarde!" Calèbe montra la belle roche magique bleue qu'il a trouvé dessus son oreiller.

Maman le regarda, souria et dit; "Mais oui! Je vois c'est certainement une belle roche magique bleue. Elle savait tout juste le temps d'apparaitre pour toi."

15 septembre 2008

Monday, August 29, 2011

A Sunless Day

A sunless day cannot cloud

the image of you

I carry within my mind

A sunless day cannot cloud

the thoughts of you

I carry within my soul

A sunless day cannot cloud

the essence of you

I carry within my heart

A sunless day cannot cloud

Anything about you

So long as I have you

*July 2008*

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Anxiously Waiting

Anxiously Waiting

Waiting to hear your laughter
Gives me joy and warmth inside
Heartbeats racing faster
Waiting for our worlds to collide

Anxiously Waiting

Blushing in anticipation
Warms me to the core
Peaked apparent attraction
Speechless and wanting more

Anxiously Waiting

Yearning for this serenity
Bringing adventure from within
Holding me captive, eternity
Anxiously waiting to begin

Anxiously Waiting

June 13, 2008

Sandcastle Building

August 1, 2011
Grindstone MB

Friday, August 5, 2011

Sweet Kisses

Sweet kisses floating upon the air
Reaching my precious with tons to spare

Hearts a flutter and smiles a glow
Whispers so soothing makes it so

Extreme anticipation with delight
Held closely in gazing sight

Sweet kisses floating upon the air
Reaching my precious with tons to spare

Mysterious eyes locked in time
Knowing surely this one's mine

Waiting my soul is set ablaze
Only you can end this craze

Sweet kisses floating upon the air
Reaching my precious with tons to spare

June 15 2008

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

No Place I'd Rather Be

With these eyes that I see
There's no place I'd rather be

Then held close in your arms
Safely caressed and kept warm
I wanna stay in this moment forever
Lost in desire and bliss whenever

With these eyes that I see
There's no place I'd rather be

Hearing your laughter lights up my life
Protecting and shielding me from strife
All my life I've searched the whole world through
Finally knowing and finding out it was for you

With these eyes that I see
There's no place I'd rather be

June 2 2008

Monday, July 18, 2011

Je pense de toi

Je pense de toi
Tes mains enveloppent mon corps
Jusqu'à ce que l'orbe devient soir
La nuit illumine un silence

Je pense de toi
Tes mots s'écroulent dans mes pensés
Jusqu'à ce que le son ne puisse s'oublier
La challeur comforte une solitude

Je pense de toi
Ton esprit réveille mon essence
Jusqu'à ce que l'inspiration saisie plus
L'énergie surmonte toutes impasses

Je pense de toi
Je pense de toi
Je pense de toi

30 mai 2008

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Lost Angel

A budding cell growing from within
me; A heartbeat, a glance,
a wish, a hope, a miracle,
a life!

Within my womb my angel's
protected; Unknowing,
perfection, loving, abundant,

Wonderment of life a bewildered
mother to be; Joyous, fearful
smiling, crying, laughing,

Precious soul bestowed to health
and growth; Unique, Gifted
humbled, A grace within

A moment of disbelief this joy
was ended; so little,
so innocent, so tragic, so

A mother's turmoil of miscarriage
a burden within her soul; anger,
sadness, resentment, frustration,

Grateful I am for the moment
in my journey to have had
such a special

I grieved my lost angel and have
comfort in knowing; with time
the wounds will

I send you love my lost angel
in hopes you find serenity within
spirit and join the oneness
once more!

December 2, 2007