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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Truths Soul Reflecting

Entranced by the softest smile
that engulfs the being
Imagining possibilities all the while
clarified magnetism beginning
Sweetness existing within the eyes
that be-stills the very core
Brightening the gloomiest skies
feelings that can't ignore
Closeness begets the purest soul
that forges through eternity
Making emotions feel so whole
brought forth by opportunity
Bewildered imaginings of the mind
unruly but so wise
Compelled to hearts of the kind
blissful with compromise
Wishful thoughts of the subconscious
surfaces to the opened
Masking all the contemptuous
times that mark no end
Creating new endeavors
with more understanding
Plays the rights of simple treasures
The truths soul reflecting

November 1 1999

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kyra faith said...

I really enjoy your writings. They paint a very clear and beautiful picture. Thank you for sharing your passion for writing. If you like, come visit my blogs sometime.