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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Circumstances keep 'em apart
Stirring feelings from the heart

Binded through an eternal soul
Bleeds grief beyond control

Tortured mind bewilders all
Wondered expressions make the call

Magnetic being draws them in
It's up to fate to let it begin

Soaring through life's big journey
Corrupted with pain and agony

Seeking truth beyond the surface
Unruly acts that are quite selfless

Quiet longing from a distance
Bringing hopeful twists in reminiscence

Images flooding a budding core
Fearing things that are in store

Burning desires locked away
Knowing not to this day

Wanting to know if there is a chance
Afraid to look within this glance

Surges of insight within the mind
Powerful emotions make 'em blind

Intellectual stimulation entrances the spirit
Unwilling to live without it

Pursuit of knowledge for stability
Follows them throughout infinity

Matches made with strength and grace
Something loneliness just can't replace

June 15 1999

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