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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Duality of Existence Merges

Today enters a new beginning of enlightenment
Charged, surging forward upon a new brightness
Within creativity of destined adventures
To which reality is left to be explored
Greatness of hallowed capacity to whom
Ratios have entered new levels of comprehension
Towards the serenity which exists fully
Within our centers of identified selves

Expectations no longer the need as truths
Follow unpredictable paths of divine wisdom
Creating a sense of peaceful release resumed
Upon the contemplation of ones united being
Conceive the realities of adventuristic views
Journey broadens visions of unknown surges
Within the glance of imagination a treasure
Unfolds for the greater understanding
As the duality of existence merges
Unified to the potential of ones loving soul

August 30 2004

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