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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Respecting the Fragility

Omnificent presence entrances my being
Respecting the fragility upon believing
Luring eyes intrigue the mind
Advising gestures so kind
Numbing senses suddenly awaken
Devouring essences so breathtaking
Opulent smile draws me nearer
Brilliance entrusts forever
Romantic endeavors bring great pleasure
Appreciating this gift, this treasure
Unanimously joined in blessed soul
Needs received in sumptuous control

June 16, 2003

1 comment:

FishHawk said...

This sounds like a very elegant way of describing what it is like to truly be in the "fear of the Lord." For this is actually referring to feeling His presence so intensely, that one trembles, as if sorely afraid--not actually being afraid of Him.