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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

25 yrs Toast & prayer

This is a marriage toast that I created so that my mother could read for my aunts twenty-fifth wedding anniversary. I also included a prayer before the dinner as my grandmother is highly religious. A bit rough around the edges but written none-the-less.

Wedding Toast

Twenty-five years ago today, two hearts became one in a blessed union. Moments passed that memories will hold true as their love and souls are united in strength and grace. We celebrate this occasion in light that there will be many more treasured days to come. Perhaps the best gift in life is that of two people committed to each others company. Raise your glasses high as we honor twenty-five years in the making!

October 2002


We thank the Lord for this blessed day
As we celebrate this graceful twenty-fifth anniversary
Bless the food and drink and all who are gathered here today.
In God's name Amen

October 2002


FishHawk said...

Tis a wonderful toast. I am quite sure that they will greatly appreciate it.

cmousseau said...

They did appreciate it. Just hard to believe it's been 9 years already since I wrote it. lol :)

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