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Monday, March 14, 2011

Still Guided

Self-assurance surpasses them all
Without judgment you make the call
Importance in connected self-worth
True contentment impressions unearthed
Strength of will compelling the soul
Blind indecision losing all control
Purity of untouched bliss
Respect steals not this kiss
Paradise a glimpse in the eye
Boundless energy succeeds the sky
Infinite warmth caresses the heart
Enigmatic bond forges the start
Confused intuitions due to the past
Prides chance willed at last
Smiles growing upon this face
Untainted visions full of grace
Brave attempts unblocking the mind
Reassured presence symbolically kind
Gentle serenity searches fulfilled
Unforgotten impressions be-stilled
Look within this inner beauty
Truths perceptions found infinity

February 12 2001