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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Journey Sought

Sensuous impressions made of days yet to be explored
Exuding strength, will and desire for the soul to soar
Anticipated moments careen through the mind
Nestled, comforts of truth immeasurably kind

Honorable, motives that abound
Amiable, hearing a heart's true sound
Merciful, the angst dissipates and clears the skies
Intimate gaze, a fate, profound within the eyes

Loving memories leave not this place
Tears of joy, a smile becomes this face
Onward, the journey sought within is foretold
Numerous wonders, secrets shared unfold

October 23, 2002

1 comment:

FishHawk said...

This was obviously written during better days. I hope they lasted for at least a little while.