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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Things misunderstood for what they are
Can be wounded and left with a scar
Misinterpreted gestures are made unseen
Of all the hopes of a single dream
Keeping things locked up inside
Of all the truths that want to hide
Simple words are hard to say
She wishes that they could stay
Nowhere to turn she fled
With troubling things left within her head
Seeing things that would make haste
A good mind that goes to waste
Paying dearly for her sin
Undying love from within
Paining feelings trouble her heart so much
Longing for this one and only touch
Out of happiness and all for lack of love
She hopes to be free as a dove
Knowing nothing more or any less 'til then
Will she stay in the darkness of the den
This spirit was meant to defend
What broken hearts shall mend


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