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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Easing Sorrow

Innocent in her way
Knowing not what to say
Alone she trembles with fear
Knowing what she would hear
Mirrors of horror frighten her
Free she'll be never
Misunderstood she is needing compassion
Wanting to throw herself in the ocean
Painful memories haunt her life
Thoughts stabbing like a knife
Her soul pure wild and free
Wondering if she'll ever be
Dawn arising in the night
Disturbs her in an eerie fright
Smiling to hide her pain
Wishing that it would rain
Looking out the window
Trying to ease this sorrow


1 comment:

Megha said...

A very touching peice of poetry!
Your words add life to every emotion. Be it love,fear,cheer or pain you paint images with your perfect selection of words and phrases.

Keep up the wonderful work, I'd love to visit your lovely blog often!