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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Mustard Truck

Cruising around in my mustard truck
'Round town, looking seeking, fro a place to hide
Where to go, wondering where this'll take me
Escaping in the midsts of the world, every day

Cruising around in this mustard truck
Fleeing all troubles from within to find true peace

Cruising the town in this mustard truck
True freedom, leading where I'm truly going
Power, this feeling that grows from inside
Miles away from all these worries that overtake me

Cruising the town in this mustard truck
People know it's me from miles around

Cruising again in this mustard truck
Night or day, indifferent is how I am
Keeping track of paths that pass me by
Seeing all the beauty as never seen through these eyes before

Cruising again in this mustard truck
Convinced, discovering all that was not possible nor there

Cruising silence in this mustard truck
Caring if only for a while, nothing special on my mind
These sites are for no-one else 'cept me
Lonely highways longer than the eye can see

Cruising, silent in my mustard truck
Worryless is how I am, enjoying life while I still can

*August 1995*

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