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Monday, January 14, 2008


My life is dark and empty
meaningless and continues for no reason
It's a wave that no-one sees
It's the year going through lonely seasons

Friends I once knew to be very near
Have grown apart and left me
All the memories I hold very dear
I can no longer bear to see

No-one told me it would be like this
No-one even seemed to care
Sadness came and stole a kiss
with a cold and icy glare

The shadows closing in on me
cornering me till I feel small
The screams of pain and agony
unbearable through it all

Depression overcomes my soul
with deep and dark despair
No time to overcome my goal
No time to even care

Alone and in the way
is how I feel inside
They smile and tell me to stay
Not noticing the tears I cried

The feeling that no-one cared
rushed upon me like a misty night
I was no longer scared
I felt the time was right

My life was coming to an end
No-one would ever understand
how I felt deep within

When soon I'm dead and gone
They'll regret what they had done
When comes the light of dawn
For once I will have won

What I did I can not undo
The choice was only mine
When sadness completely possesses you
It's only a matter of time


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