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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Class of 1997

Knowing faces and parts of their mind
Can we truly say we'll put this all behind?
Memories we've made plenty I'm sure
Now we must plan for our budding future
Words of wisdom, we've gained plenty
In saying nothing, we'll come out empty
Expanded minds we know not what's to come
Our life journey ended? No! It has just begun
We have grown and became one together
We will push on and make things better
Comparing ourselves to each other no longer it seems
The truth came out and we've made it as a team
Struggles? Yes, we have had many
Now with open eyes we begin to see
A few times we've all disagreed
Power struggles? No more! We've learned how to lead!
Just as we thought we've met our match
No-one is invincible and we've buried the hatch
Imprinted memories from how much we've grown
Shows us that no-one will be left alone
We've shared many obstacles and many things feared
Yet, we've overcome barriers when our minds have cleared
We've made it this far but it isn't the end
It is time to start living I encourage you my friends
Remember the good times and also the bad
For these are the precious moments we have had
Our greatness is achieved in self acceptance
But remember not to be greedy in times of indulgence
It is up to us now, the lessons we'll teach
To all the future's children we must try to reach
We came to this school mere girls and boys
Now we shall leave young adults with a certain poise
Plunge confident into the world and take a dive
Because we have the knowledge and we will survive
The memories made have become our own
Can't we see that we have grown
There will be many nights when we'll turn to go to sleep
And we'll reminisce the good times and we'll sometimes weep
Now, dry those eyes and shed no more tears
After all we still have our peers
A few last words that I am proud to say
Before we depart on our final day
We've made our mark, a little piece of heaven
Together we truly are the class of 1997

*May 1997*

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