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Friday, June 13, 2008

Stood Up

Stood up, he stands out above all the rest.
Stood up, I shan't be budged from my perception.
Stood up, he speaks out against all who oppose him.
Stood up, I'm denied my true feelings of thought.
Stood up, he plays and smile and draws me in.
Stood up, I regret and weep and want him more.
Stood up, he overpowers my sensations and laughs.
Stood up, I curse in wallowed emotions of untamed convictions.
Stood up, he knows not nor does he seem to care.
Stood up, I crave his affection in anger and in hope...
Stood up, I'll never forget the feelings inside.
Stood up, forgettably unforgiving.

*January 1997*

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