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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Lost Angel

A budding cell growing from within
me; A heartbeat, a glance,
a wish, a hope, a miracle,
a life!

Within my womb my angel's
protected; Unknowing,
perfection, loving, abundant,

Wonderment of life a bewildered
mother to be; Joyous, fearful
smiling, crying, laughing,

Precious soul bestowed to health
and growth; Unique, Gifted
humbled, A grace within

A moment of disbelief this joy
was ended; so little,
so innocent, so tragic, so

A mother's turmoil of miscarriage
a burden within her soul; anger,
sadness, resentment, frustration,

Grateful I am for the moment
in my journey to have had
such a special

I grieved my lost angel and have
comfort in knowing; with time
the wounds will

I send you love my lost angel
in hopes you find serenity within
spirit and join the oneness
once more!

December 2, 2007

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