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Thursday, December 6, 2007

No Word For Goodbye

He was different in many ways,
Though there was already a basis for
A deep mutual friendhsip,
He knew we'd need
Patience and understanding

The sky was cloudless and
The gentlest of breezes danced
Lightly in the bright sunlight
It was a perfect morning

He felt frustration
But it didn't show his feelings
He originally interpreted it
As hostility
There was a long
Moment's silence

The path was wide and silvery
Across the still lake.
The moon,
It's light so bright,
The reflections from the shore,
An unexpected chill edge on
The night sky

I was wrong,
To rouse his hopes
It had probably all been
Pretty useless.
From here on it was
Somebody else's problem

The forest
Stood still
The wind died
In early evening.
The clouds seemed to
Touch the setting sun

We dragged ourselves
To a rock
We sat silently in the shade
Glancing occasionally
I did not mirror
His smile

My eyes filled
With tears for,
There is no word for


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