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Friday, December 21, 2007

Soaring Spirit

Alone he was without love
Now he's free as a dove
Old yet, very kind
A child ruled his mind
The silence went away
As night came to day
Nobody knew he was there
Except children who really care
Long forgotten he is no more
As the spirits always soar
Kind and sweet was this man
Knowing that he really can
Selfish he was not
Presents he always bought
Tears seem to fill his eyes
Knowing that he never cries
Misunderstood he would be
For his soul wasn't free
Pleasing not himself but, others
Leaves him with little bothers
Painted smile on his face
For he knows he'll lose this race
Joy and warmth filled his heart
Yet, he knew he had to part
Alone he is no more
For his spirit will always soar


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