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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Who You Are

There is not a day
That will go by
Without thinking
Of you by my side
If I keep my promise
And be faithful to you
Will you protect and hold me
When I need you
I can't hide my
True feelings or my thoughts
'Cause your heart and you
Know me very well
When I close my eyes
I see you holding me tight
And I see no other
'Cause I love you still
When I stand alone
I don't feel safe
For your touch secures me
So does your heartbeat
I love your clear blue eyes
I see the goodness that you Hide
I love to hear your deep voice
It comforts me when I'm sad
I don't just love
Your perfect form
I also love your
Way with words
Most of all...
I love you
For who you are!


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