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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Reminds Me Of...

Your eyes remind me
Of the bluest sky
Day or night they twinkle
Like the stars
I know you can see
Right through me
You see my tears
Though none are shed

Your luscious lips remind me
Of the reddest, softest rose petal
Day or night they smile
Bringing warmth to my heart
I know you smile
Without hesitations
You read my ideas
Though none are thought

Your voice reminds me
Of sincerity once known
Day or night I hear whispers
But, you're not near
I know you speak
The simple truth
I hear your voice
Though you don't talk

Your loving heart reminds me
Of kindness you've brought
Day or night I feel it
Beating faster
I know that it's pure
And evil will never roam
You feel my pain and sorrow
When you're not even there

When you hold me in your arms
Closely and tightly I feel safe
I don't want you to let me go
As you rock me to and fro
Please don't ever
Leave my side


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