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Saturday, December 22, 2007

Tagged Poetic MeMe

I have been tagged by FishHawk for reasons of rarity in depth of soul for which I am grateful and honored to be a part of this MeMe.

Instructions: you have to link to the person who tagged you. Post the rules just before your list: then list eight random facts about yourself. At the end of your post: you must tag and link to eight other people.

I am breaking away from the normal fun facts of FishHawk's original list and am employing a poetic sense to it in order to suit my blog. Any and all facts are acceptable to suit your blogging style. Here goes...

Keeper of two small energetic soul's
my life, my journey is all a mystery
Blue eyes gaze out into this world
of magnificence and mastery

Searching knowledge to enlighten
teach and learn
Grateful for this path of life
of enriched turns

Laughter joy tears and fun
all are parts of being
Mother, sister, daughter lover
friends to all without seeing

Love abound residing in my heart
for all who are dear to me
Secret indulgences of metaphysics
spiritual essences for all to be

I hope that this twist doesn't scare off my unsuspecting somebodies. I will choose with care and consideration my choices to pass this MeMe tag along. The tags will be posted to your Blogcatalog profile. Have fun with this one!

1 comment:

FishHawk said...

INCREDIBLY DONE!!! For I hoped to be shown a little more of you; but I never imagined that it would be displayed with such grace and elegance. Silly me.